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    Helping create new wealth by linking investors to quality opportunity

    About Us

    Who we are:

     Conduit works diligently to link investors to opportunity for the creation of new wealth. Conduit Investor Relations provides investor awareness to undervalued, underappreciated public venture companies or private companies with a goal to become public. Conduit only works with opportunities the it believes are likely to create substantial new wealth for all stakeholders. Conduit will utilize its vast experience and network within the investment industry to help investors understand both the current, and future potential  for the companies it represents. 

    The process:

    Conduit Investor Relations provides investor awareness to undervalued underappreciated public venture companies or private companies with a goal to become public. Conduit only works with opportunities that it believes are likely to create substantial new wealth for all stake holders. Once an opportunity has been identified, Conduit performs an extensive due diligence process to ensure: 

    The company is operating in an ethical and compliant manner A significantly higher valuation is justified given the company’s current situation and prospects for the future. The opportunity represents a possibility of significant wealth creation all shareholders. The project represents an opportunity for Conduit where it feels it can add value to and contribute to the success of the company. Management’s interest and upside is closely aligned with investors.

    Once Conduit has identified an opportunity that meets the criteria of a Conduit client, it works with the client’s management to design and implement a strategy to bring awareness and ensure the venture is sufficiently capitalized. Conduit does this by introducing the new wealth creation opportunity, as well as the risks, to Conduit’s extensive network of professional and retail market participants. When necessary Conduit will assist with the raising of new capital and advise on any necessary changes to capital structure. Works with Conduits partners to implement a social and traditional media presence. Sets up meetings and road shows on behalf of management with qualified professionals and high net worth retail market participants. Updates existing share-holders through both in bound and out bound calling and email campaigns.


    Founder Derek Wood elaborates on the Conduit IR process

    Our Team

    Derek Wood, Founding Partner

    Derek has over 25 years experience in the Canadian Securities industry; working for boutique brokerage firms and bank-owned full service & discount brokerages.

     He has held various positions within in the industry including: Area Sales Manager (Royal Bank Of Canada Wealth management), Calgary Branch manager (Northern Securities Inc), Eastern Ontario whole selling Representative of the First Ontario Labor sponsored Venture fund, as well as several years as a full service investment adviser and a discount brokerage investment representative.

    Derek is well networked within the brokerage and investment community in every major Canadian market. He has been based in Calgary Alberta for the last several years where he has been focused on providing investment advice to clients with a focus on early stage and publicly listed venture opportunities.

    Garrett Nielsen

    Garrett is a summer student, currently undertaking fourth year Finance studies at Saint Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia. He aspires to be a fixture in the Canadian securities industry, particularly in the small-cap & exempt market space.  

    While working under Derek, Garrett is able to apply knowledge relevant to his academic field, and develop a comprehensive network of contacts; undoubtedly valuable in this industry. 

    When away from his desk, Garrett immerses himself in athletic pursuits; as he is the captain of a nationally ranked collegiate rowing team. 


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