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September 3rd, 2020 – Resource Maven, Gwen Preston, Discusses Northstar Gold’s Recent Drilling Success At Miller

September 3rd, 2020 – Resource Maven, Gwen Preston, discusses Northstar Gold’s recent drilling success at Miller

Northstar Gold (CGE: NSG)

We got more assays this week from NSG’s Phase 1 drilling program at Miller. The results point to how successful the program has been, not only at extending known high-grade mineralization on the project, but also at tagging into new near-surface gold zones. The primary new target that has evolved from these new discoveries is the Allied Syenite gold zone, which encompasses Veins 2, 3, and 4 encountered in the hanging wall of Vein 1 at Miller.

The latest assays come from the Phase 1B program that the company commenced when it restarted operations (post-COVID closure) in mid-June. The two best holes both offered two things – high grade segments and long disseminated zones – but the two tested different host rocks: hole 49 tested the volcanic rocks near the Allied Syenite (an intrusion) and hole 47 tested the Allied Syenite itself.

Finding disseminated mineralization in syenites (there are three syenite intrusions on the Miller property) was always part of the goal with Northstar. Also finding disseminated mineralization in the volcanics is bonus.

Let me run through the numbers. Hole 49 returned 8.0 g/t over 15 metres, including 19.4 g/t over 4.4 metres, within a broader interval of 1.4 g/t over 118.5 metres beginning at 54 metres while Hole 47 cut 4.6 g/t over 8.0 meters, including 10.2 g/t over 3.0 metres within a wider interval of 1.2 g/t over 107.3 metres beginning at just 4.7 metres. As I noted: high grade in short hits and long disseminated intervals.

Allied Syenite Looking NW with 2020 Phase IB Drill Holes

Allied Syenite Looking NW with 2020 Phase IB Drill Holes

As the image suggests, it appears as those the veins cut across stratigraphy, which explains the pervasiveness of the gold. It’s also encouraging in assessing the scale of the system.

Hole 45 (4.1 g/t over 4.1 metres) and Hole 46 (15.5 g/t over 2.0 metres) cut the Vein 1 zone south of the Allied Syenite. This vein certainly has grade; as with all veins, the challenge is to demonstrate consistency and scale. Here the vein is showing good consistency and the scale requirement bar is lower since it is part of a larger gold system that looks likely to have other veins and bulk tonnage components.

Northstar saw a 10% jump on the news. My guess is that, while the numbers are certainly good, the system is a bit complicated (as the image above conveys) and so it’s not easy to figure out whether or how the hits might hang together. That’s the challenge, then, on Northstar’s shoulders: to figure out and then explain the kinds of mineralization at Miller and the potential scale and consistency of the system.

I like the numbers and I think the team is up to the task I just described.

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